SENSE 1183

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The recycled and degradable paper notepad with seeds is a sustainable and creative option for taking notes and leaving messages. It is made from recycled paper, making it an environmentally friendly choice. A unique feature of this notebook is that it contains seeds in its composition. Once you have used all the notes, instead of discarding the paper, you can plant it in the ground. The seeds embedded in the paper will begin to germinate and grow into beautiful plants, creating a positive impact on nature. In addition, the notepad includes 100 sticky notes of different colors, allowing you to organize your messages and highlight important information in a visually appealing way. This notebook is an ideal choice for those who value sustainability and want to contribute to a greener world. You can use it in your home, office or give it to someone special as a gesture of care for the environment. Remember that once you have used all the sticky notes, you can take advantage of the plantable paper and bring new plants to life. In this way, you will be promoting the reuse of materials and the sustainable life cycle of products.

Technical Information 

Pack Carton Measures Ctn dimesions Ctn weight
100 500 [5.4cm x 8.2cm x 0.3cm] [36.50cm x 38.00cm x 12.00cm] 4.8kg

Material: Papel reciclado

Print Code : C(2)